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Nurse Practitioner Medical Services*

TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services and its affiliates have been providing comprehensive Primary Care services to over 1.5 million residents in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living facilities throughout the United States for over 15 years. Our fully-licensed, credentialed and eldercare-trained providers deliver high-quality care utilizing the most current clinical protocols and state-of-the-art technology. Patients are screened and care visits are scheduled according to Medicare guidelines and patient diagnosis, ensuring our patients receive the proper levels and intervals of care while minimizing facility administrative burdens. Our goal is to reduce hospital re-admissions, reduce resident trips to offsite doctors, and keep expenses down by decreasing transportation costs and staff hours, while providing quality comprehensive healthcare services for seniors wherever they reside.

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*Please check with your local Mobilex regional contact for availability of our US Laboratories, TridentUSA Mobile Clinical and PICC services.
Top 10 Reasons to choose TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services for Nurse Practition Medical Services.

  3. Meets Medicare's Gold Standard of Excellence.
  4. No Cost to your Facility.
  5. TridentUSA Mobile Clinical Services manages all scheduling and administrative tasks.
  6. Services are provided IN CONCERT with your Medical Staff.
  7. Providers are screened, certified and credentialed.
  8. Up-to-date treatment protocols.
  9. Advanced technology equipment utilized.
  10. Electronic documentation interfaces.

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